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Had a monitor, Dell Model No 1930C, that when plugged into the VGA port on my laptop running Linux Mint 17.2 only gave a maximum resolution of 1024 x 768 (4:3) while the manufacturer explicitly states that the monitor is actually capable of a maximum resolution of 1368 x 768 (16:9).


Add the resolution required. From the command line:

  • use cvt to create a modeline for the resolution required in our case we’ll work with the maximum 1368 x 768.
~ $ cvt 1368 768
# 1368x768 59.88 Hz (CVT) hsync: 47.79 kHz; pclk: 85.25 MHz
Modeline "1368x768_60.00" 85.25 1368 1440 1576 1784 768 771 781 798 -hsync +vsync 
  • Note that the output will vary so please dont copy paste the Modeline
  • Next step is copy the text above i.e. from “1368×768…vsync and then paste it into the xrandr command as shown below:
~ $ xrandr --newmode "1368x768_60.00"   85.25  1368 1440 1576 1784  768 771 781 798 -hsync +vsync
  • Next is to add the model line. After this the new resolution will be in the Display window for you to select from:
~ $ xrandr --addmode VGA1 "1368x768_60.00" 

So now if you go to the Menu > Preferences > Display you’ll be able to select the resolution from the dropdown for the secondary monitor:


Select Resolution For External Monitor
Select Resolution For External Monitor

NOTE: The above will only persist as long as you are logged in. Once you restart your computer changes will be lost. Now you can make this permanent by adding the resolution to the Xorg.conf file which apparently is deprecated.

For my Linux Mint 17.2, I dint want to play around with X server so I decided to copy paste the above into a bash script:

xrandr --newmode 1352x768_60.00 84.50 1352 1424 1560 1768 768 771 781 798 -hsync +vsync
#xrandr --newmode 1336x768_60.00 83.00 1336 1400 1536 1736 768 771 781 798 -hsync +vsync
xrandr --addmode VGA1 1352x768_60.00
xrandr --output VGA1 --mode 1352x768_60.00

I then added this to the startup applications gotten from Menu > Preferences > Startup Applications and detailed in this post.


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