Print Report onto a Pre-Printed Form


Needed to selected data onto a Pre-printed form. Initial idea was to guesstimate the coordinates but this would be tedious and time consuming.


Get a scanned copy of the Pre-printed form. Form was scanned as a PDF so needed to convert it into an image so I opened the pdf using GIMP on Linux, then saved it and exported it by going to: File – > Export -> FileName.jpg

Then since I was designing the Report on Jasper Studio, Created a blank Report and then from went to View -> Background Image -> Import Background Image and then select the image from the location. Then Go Back to View -> Background Image -> Transform Background then resize the background depending on report.

From there you can add the TextFields as per where they are to be printed.

NOTE: The Background as per the above won’t show up when you preview because its only meant to be a guide as to where the TextFields go.


iReport Import Background Image

How to Convert PDF to JPEG

Template to print on a pre-printed form


Yes, Buyology, its not a typo. Apparently, it seems it might have been first coined by this title. Haven’t done my research on that claim though, so take it with a pinch of salt.

Now the reason I brought it up is, there is a website. The idea is, product and service providers can get feedback, anonymous that is, on how they are serving their customers ¬†and clients. Then anyone else can sign-up and you get a job to shop or experience a service and you report back your feedback and this is passed onto the client anonymously. The condition for getting a job could be based on the clients’ target demographics.

Recurring Payments

Saw an interesting article¬†talking about automating bill payments. The premise is simple and profound I believe, basically queue up payments that you make daily, monthly, quarterly or annually e.g phone and electricity bills, rent, airtime purchases and so on. Then when they are due, they’ll be processed and payments made and you get an alert.

Say goodbye to perennial queuing, reduce the risk of carrying around cash from point A to B, save on costs such as transportation and vitally save time. I like it, its Smart and efficient and quite simple.