Bash scripts runs on command line but errors on cron


I have a bash script that is supposed to start a docker service using docker compose. When I run it on the commond line it runs ok but when I run it on cron, I would get an error, command not found:

line 21: up: command not found


As suggested on this ubuntu forum, first check the environment variables that cron adds to a cronjob by setting this cronjob:

* * * * * env > /tmp/env.output

Once the file if generated, you’ll see something similar:

imela@whiscardz:~$ cat /tmp/env.output

6 PATH=/usr/bin:/bin
12 SHELL=/bin/sh

Notice that the PATH variable has very few locations, therefore

From your command line:

imela@whiscardz:~$ echo $PATH

Add this PATH to the top line of your bash script:




Test running the script on cron and it should now work.


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